Basic Computers

Course Aim

The course will give students the opportunity to gain a basic introduction to using a computer or acquire/further develop their skills in basic computing.  To enable students to be able to transfer the skills learned to related work outside the class room

Course content

– Explaining and understanding IT jargon-hardware, software etc.
– Understanding and navigating windows
– Accessing web sites, Google searches
– Setting up and using an email account
– Sending and receiving emails including attachments

Entry Requirements

– No skills or experience needed
– This course is for beginners
– This course is suitable for beginners and improvers

Course Title

Basic Computers

Course Details

Start Date : 04/06/2018
Start Date : 07/08/2017
Start Date : 08/01/2018
End Date : 25/06/2018
End Date : 18/09/2017
End Date : 12/02/2018
Duration : 6 Weeks
Day : Monday
Session Hours : 2