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Information for young people and parents

Information for parents about the benefits of apprenticeships and the opportunities they provide. For many students, an apprenticeship can be a great option

This page answers many of the common questions about apprenticeships that young people and parents ask us. If you want to ask anything not covered here, please use the contact us Page

How can parents help their son/daughter to find an Apprenticeship?

  • Use your network of family and friends to identify job opportunities.
  • Encourage your son/daughter to prepare a CV and covering letter outlining their skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Contact a wide range of businesses and follow up with CV and covering letter.
  • Encourage your son/daughter to seek Careers Advice, for example from careers fairs, the National Careers Service, schools and colleges.
  • Look on the national website dedicated to Apprenticeships, for job opportunities and more information:

Why choose an apprenticeship?

For many students, an apprenticeship can be a great option, giving a young person an opportunity to

  • Earn money while continuing to learn and develop
  • Commence a career in a practical working environment, with mentoring and tuition in place
  • Carry on with English and Maths, essential skills for a good, lasting career
  • Learn transferable skills in the workplace, eg communication, customer service
  • Build up valuable experience and references for future work
  • Gain nationally-recognised qualifications that are highly valued by employers

In these ways, apprenticeships are an excellent alternative to A levels and university for many students. It is also worth remembering that many apprentices complete university-level qualifications as ‘Higher Apprentices’ or by continuing to study part-time after their apprenticeship ends.

What role does the College play?

Attending College and providing evidence of the skills and techniques learned at work is crucial to securing a framework qualification. Our role as a training provider is to support both employers and Apprentices by providing the framework that supports the chosen job role.

Why do you need to be employed to do an apprenticeship?

Unfortunately, we can only take individuals who are employed on to Apprenticeship programmes, as developing ‘on the job’ is the key focus of Apprenticeships. If a young person wishes to become an apprentice but does not have a job, the best option is to improve their skills through a full-time course. These are free for under 19s.

What sectors do apprenticeships cover?

There are apprenticeships in hundreds of different job roles across many sectors covering both private and public-sector organisations. Vernon Community College is expanding its apprenticeship provision every year and will discuss training for any apprenticeship role. The core industries we currently provide apprenticeship training for include

  • Catering and Hospitality
  • Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy
  • Business and Administration

How are Vernon's apprentices supported in their work and training?

We have a team dedicated to supporting Apprentices and employers. They will make regular, scheduled on-site visits to ensure learning is taking place on the job in accordance with the framework agreed with the employer.

When do apprentices attend College?

Most apprentices attend college one day per week. The Work Based Learning team also checks and monitors the attendance of Apprentices at College and provides reports to employers on attendance and achievement.