Introduction To Microsoft Office

Course Aim

This course is for those that are comfortable using a keyboard and mouse and wish to learn the basics of Microsoft Office Word and Excel. Please read the course content

Course Description

– Enter data, numbers and symbols
– Change margins
– Edit/format text including the use of Styles
– Find & Replace data
– Adjust paragraph alignment and line spacing
– Create and manipulate data in Tables and Templates
– Print documents
– Save/open files into specified drives and folders
– Enter data, numbers and symbols
– Understand the different mouse shapes
– Edit and format text
– Adjust text alignment
– Insert data and basic formulas including SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNTA, MIN and MAX
– Print document
– Save/open file into specified drives and folders
– Use Page Setup – fit data to one page, use of margins and headers/footers
– Create charts (Column, Pie and Line)

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