Traineeships are designed to help you prepare for your future career by helping you to become ‘work ready’. We will provide a fantastic opportunity for you

Our traineeship course will prepare you for going to work or taking up an apprenticeship. During these courses you will get accredited work skill qualifications and gain work experience in a Nottingham company.

At the end of the course you will be ‘work ready’ and have the skills that employers are looking for, therefore increasing your chances of employment.

Your Traineeship will last about 12 weeks and will include:

  • extensive on-site work experience with a local employer
  • employability skills (CV writing, application advice, interview tips)
  • basic courses to help you meet the needs of employers
  • English and maths support if necessary

Traineeships in Nottingham

Am I suitable for Traineeships in Nottingham?

The entry requirements for a Traineeship depend on your age.

If you’re aged between 16 and 18, you must:
– be currently unemployed
– have little or no work experience
– be aged 16-18 and qualified below level 3

If you’re aged between 19 and 24, you must:
– be currently unemployed, working fewer than 16 hours a week or earning less than £320 a month
– have little or no work experience already
– be aged 19-24 and qualified below level 3

Traineeships in Nottingham

Do I have to pay anything?

No, your Traineeship is funded by the government so there is no cost to you. You may also be eligible to get some additional financial support to cover costs if you’re finding it difficult to start or complete your learning.

If you are interested in kick-starting your career with a Traineeship then please visit this page for more information.

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Traineeships in Nottingham